Herpes Best and Safe Treatment

Herpes Best and Safe Treatment - Genital Herpes, often simply called Herpes is a widespread sexually transmitted disease caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus. There are two types of Herpes Simplex Virus- type 1 (HSV-1) and type 2 (HSV-2).

HSV-1 is transmitted through oral contact with a Herpes carrier having a visible symptom of cold sores around the mouth.

HSV-2 is acquired through an established vaginal or anal genital contact resulting in ulcers or blisters at the genital or rectal area, buttocks, and thighs.

The Herpes Simplex Virus infects human beings and is transmitted by straight contact with body fluids or lesions of an infected person during intimate sexual intercourse. In most cases, infection occurs on or around the sex organs or rectum. The virus then spreads along the nerves that connect the infected area to the central nervous system, where they inhabit life long, if not treated on time.

Symptoms Of Herpes

The striking feature regarding the symptoms of herpes is that a large percentage of people does not experience them for months or years after becoming infected. Those severe and painful symptoms like ulcers and blisters which flared up during the initial period will be in force for about 4 days after the exposure. Usually, they will get disappeared only to reappear eventually.

Herpes can be befittingly said to be an episodal disease. The venomous attack of this disease falls over the patients in different stages or rather in different phases. The first episode or the primary infection is much severe, painful and may include the following symptoms:

  • Fever & headache.
  • Stiffness in the neck and weakness.
  • Cold sores around the mouth.
  • Vaginal discharge.
  • Blisters in the vagina, or on the cervix.
  • The skin may get red blisters.
  • Pain and itching.
  • Painful urination.
  • Swollen lymph nodes.
  • Malaise (feeling unwell).

These symptoms of herpes, clinically known as outbreaks, though severe and painful will heal after a couple of days. Outbreaks usually repeat during the first year itself. Overtime frequency of reappearance gets lesser and milder.

The second episode of herpes starts with less severe symptoms experiencing the sensation of mild tingling, shooting pain in the legs and hips followed by occurrences of genital ulcer.

Herpes exhibits a wayward disposition circuiting around periods of active disease with painful symptoms and inactive period with practically fewer symptoms.

A pregnant woman who has genital herpes may pass the infection to her baby during the birth process. Infection in the newborn may spread throughout the body, leading to blindness, brain damage or death.

Causes & Prevention

  • Unprotected or unsafe vaginal or anal sex with an infected person.
  • Oral sex with an infected person with cold sores.
  • Genital contact with an infected person.

The virus can infect at any instances – just before the blisters appear, whether it is visible, or it is completely healed. It can get transmitted even when there are no signs of an outbreak.

Prevention is better than cure. The points we take into consideration to avoid herpes before getting it struck are:

  • Always engage in safer sex with safe partners.
  • Avoid multiple sexes to the maximum.
  • Refrain from unnatural sex.
  • Use of condoms can decrease the risk to a great extent.
Medicine For Genital Herpes (Herpes Best and Safe Treatment)

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