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Nocturnal emissions Night falls

Nocturnal emissions Night falls treatment kerala

Nocturnal emissions - Night falls - The discharge of semen during sleep usually as a result of erotic dreams is called nocturnal emission. It is also called “wet dreams” or “night falls”. It is not just boys who get these wet dreams. Even girls and women can have erotic dreams as a result of pent-up sexual desires, which may lead to orgasms during sleep. Wet dreams are quite natural when it happens once or twice in a month. On the other hand, it needs medical attention.

When To Seek Medical Advice

There are multiple reasons give for nocturnal emissions. The most common seems to be that the body was partly designed for nocturnal emissions because a man needs to ejaculate from time to time even when he is not sexually active. it is a natural way of releasing sexual tension. More specifically, Nocturnal emissions - Night falls are stimulated only from the brain. They happen when a man is actually dreaming (which is not all the time while he is sleeping!). Nocturnal emissions can happen regardless of the type of dream although these dreams are usually sexual.

Wet dreams are quite natural when it happens once or twice in a month. on the other hand, it needs medical attention.

Medicine For Nocturnal emissions - Night falls

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